Interview with Corey Biggs

Hows it going Corey!?

Good Good

I: So you are in New York! What's it like living there day in day out?
Corey: New York, The Empire State is Great, I live 30-45 minutes outside the City in Mohegan Lake, New York. Its on the reservoir, so best water equals, best New York Pizza!

I: NYC Pizza Sweet!

I: What's the nightlife like? Do you hit it often?
Corey:The Nightlife all depends on your preferred music taste and knowledge of music. I rarely at this present state inquire the time representation; for this passion or pleasure; unless invited by artists' for a music performance of stellar heights.
Daytime events are more of enjoyment as Sun brings more energy and more dancing and joy "I" feel and more intelligible crowd of music lover and discovers.

I: How long have you been producing for?
Corey: I have been creating music production of dance music 4 years + now, is the best lateral thinking move ever in creation I feel it is what is very necessary to create your peace of mind.

I: Yer feel you, music is the answer dude!

I: Who's inspired you the most over the past 10 years? Over Past 10 years been inspired by the likes of music composers such as Arthur Schopenhauer, Richard Wagner, The Police, Quincy Jones, Mary J. Blige, Gza, Ben Sims , Gangstarr. Jay-Z, Nas, Wu-Tang and its actually infinite in itself as listening wisdom.

I: You've had a few releases with the Proud Sound labels, Proud Sound Records and Proud Runs Deep. What has been your stand out release and why?
Corey: I'd say, Beyond Good and Evil & The House Of Osiris. My latest EP.

I. Do you have any upcoming releases & gigs?
Corey:Upcoming Releases on Frequenza, Zeus Lightning is one of my favorite & Subwoofer Records, Micromegas Ep. With regards to upcoming events, I am accepting invites for Summer and Fall 2017 now as have no invitations at present.

I: Ibiza season coming up, have you ever been and if not, any plans to go?
Corey: I have been 10 years ago a couple of times, look forward to possible invitations to come play on island in 2017 and going forward; would be heavenly.

I: Finally, 1 tune out there at the minute that's making waves?
Corey: Tim Rolan - Cumba , this young artist is dynamic in creation, and is just building wisdom of crowds with his composure and tonal pattern wisdom.

I: Take it easy man nice talkinging to you!
Corey: Peace!